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Since its beginning in the 1930's, the Red Barn Farm property has remained in the ownership and operation of the Deane Family. In its past, the property was used to raise both chickens and cattle, and housed Deane Family members through 2013. Red Barn Farm began a new chapter in 2015 when Sherry Deane (owner and operator of Deane Family Christmas Trees since 1980) returned to Bernardston, MA and reinvigorated the property, allowing it to once again operate as both a family residence and functioning farm. 

Carrying on decades of tradition of tending the land and raising animals in the Red Barn which gives the property its signature name, the farm now hosts a poultry flock of 40-60 members (varying on the time of year and frequency of visits of a local fox) and a growing heard of Nubian and Kiko goats. 

Our free-range flock consists of the following breeds, mixed breeds, and many more:  Ameraucana, Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Polish, Bantam Silkie, Salmon Faverolle, Delaware, Barred Rock, Coocoo Maran, Prarie Blue Bell, Barnevelders, and Silver Laced Wyandotte. 


Buy Red Barn Farm Eggs

$3/dozen (free-range mixed flock)

Red Barn Farm mother hens are the best of the bunch, hatching clutches 3-4 times a year depending on the natural broodiness of our hens. Our mother hens are frequently seen with 4-7 chicks hiding under their wings or resting on their back, and are known to care for non-chicken poultry offspring as well such as turkeys and ducks as if they were their own.

The farm has been raising a growing herd of goats since 2017. It began with our first Nubian does - a set of triplets named Poppy, Pepper, and Prim. In March of 2019 two more Nubian does, Sassafras (Sassy) & Daffodil (Daffy), joined our small herd. 2020 brought our largest herd expansion yet. Dumpling and Pumpkin, two Kiko does, joined us early in the year. In the spring, four of our does delivered a total of 7 kids (all bucklings!), 2 of which remain on the farm now - Elvis (Nubian-Boer), delivered by Poppy, and Marshmallow (Kiko), delivered  by Pumpkin. In the following months, we acquired several more goats as well: Luna and her kid Hope (both Saanen does), Vina and Wynnie (Kiko does), and Dolly (Nubian doe).

Red Barn Farm also grows a wide variety of vegetables, and is hoping to further expand its produce offerings in 2021.​


For Seasonal Employment Inquiries, Please Email:

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